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Company C of the 489th Engineer Battalion (Combat)(Corps)(Mechanized) has a long history of the service in the defense of the country and in supporting the civilian community where is has been located.

The 489th Engineer Battalion unit crest bears the French phrase “AU FORT DU COMBAT” as the motto. Translated, this means “In the Thick of the Fight”. The scarlet and white colors on the crest are indicative of the colors of the Corps of Engineers. The Pile, an ancient herald symbol, represents the function of the military engineers. The escallops on the piles on either corner of the shield represent the two campaigns the unit participated in during World War II.

1942 This battalion was first organized at Schofield Barracks, Territory of Hawaii, as the 1st Battalion, 367th Engineer Regiment (Special Service).

1944 On 26 April, the battalion was redesignated the 1398th Engineer Construction Battalion and provided service in the Pacific and Ryukus Campaigns.

1945 The battalion was awarded the Meritorious Unit Commendation Ribbon with Oak Leaf Cluster. Authorization for the award can be found under General Orders #19 Western Pacific (22 MAR 45) and General Orders #360 HQ, Central Pacific Base Command (19 SEP 45).

1946 The Battalion was inactivated on 20 February at Okinawa.

1947 The Battalion was allotted to the Organized Reserve and was assigned to Fourth US Army on 20 FEB 47. It was activated on 6 MAR 47 at New Orleans, Louisiana.

1948 Redesignated the 489th Engineer Construction Battalion on 3 JUN 48. Reorganized and redesignated the 489th Engineer Combat Battalion on 26 NOV 48.

1950 The battalion was inactivated on 6 OCT 50 at New Orleans.

1955 The battalion was reactivated.

1959 In March 1959, Company C was moved from Pine Bluff, Arkansas to Little Rock, Arkansas. The first and second platoons of Company B were moved to Pine Bluff from Malvern, Arkansas. Company A remained in Hot Springs.

1961 The battalion was ordered to active duty effective 15 OCT 61 pursuant to General Order #107, Headquarters, Fourth U.S. Army, dated 21 SEP 61. This order assigned the unit to the Third U.S. Army with mobilization station at Fort Benning, Georgia.

1962 The 489th was released from active duty 9 AUG 62 and returned to home station to continue Reserve Duty Training. The home station for HHC remained at Pine Bluff, Company A at Hot Springs, Company B at Pine Bluff and Company C at Little Rock, Arkansas.

1966 HHC, 489th was moved to Little Rock; Company C was moved back to Pine Bluff and Company B to Conway, Arkansas.

1967 In January, Company D was added to the battalion and located in Harrison, Arkansas. In April of 1967, the 489th Engineer Battalion was honored in Washington, D.C. for an Outstanding Unit Award that was presented by the Assistant Secretary of the Army.


1980 During 1980, the battalion was called upon to provide a task force to help clean up the burned-out buildings and to restore a sense of normalcy to Fort Chaffee, Arkansas after the Cuban Riots at that location during the “Boat People” crises.


1988 Annual Training conducted at Ft. Hood, Texas.

1989 Annual Training conducted at Fort Chaffee, Arkansas. Company D’s 1st Platoon constructed a suspension bridge at Devil’s Den State Park, located west of Winslow, Arkansas, during the annual training period.

1990 Annual Training conducted at Fort Chaffee, Arkansas. Battalion fielded Small Emplacement Excavators (SEE) and was used to construct training areas for JRTC, then stationed at Ft. Chaffee.

1991 Annual Training was conducted early at Fort Hood Texas 2 - 18 JAN 91. This training was only performed by Company D due to Operation Desert Shield. Company D provided support to the 16th Engineer Bn (Ft. Carson) while providing OPFOR for mobilizing units as they validated their METL. Company D was officially commended for extraordinary meritorious service in support of Operation Desert Storm.
CDR: CPT Alan Proffitt 1SG: 1SG David Miles

1992 Annual Training was conducted at Fort Chaffee, Arkansas 30 MAY 92 - 13 JUN 92.
CDR: CPT Bruce Kemmitt 1SG: 1SG David Miles

1993 Annual Training was conducted at Fort Chaffee, Arkansas 10 JUL 93 - 23 JUL 93. Battalion was fielded the M113s.
CDR: CPT Bruce Kemmitt 1SG: 1SG David Miles

1994 Annual Training was conducted at Fort Hood, Texas 31 JUL 94 - 13 AUG 94. Company D was deactivated and Company C was moved to Harrison, Arkansas on 16 OCT 94.
CDR: 1LT Stephen D. Kirkwood 1SG: Roger D. Gilley

1995 Elements of Company C deployed to Germany to receive training with Company A at CMTC. (See Related Internet Site) The remainder of the battalion performed Annual Training at Ft. Chaffee, Arkansas and supported River Crossing Operations with the 353d Engineer Group.
CDR: CPT Stephen D. Kirkwood 1SG: Roger D. Gilley.

1996 Company C performed their Annual Training at the National Training Center, Fort Irwin, California between 4 AUG 96 and 24 AUG 96.
CDR: CPT Stephen D. Kirkwood 1SG: Roger D. Gilley
Company C's Individual Honors: ACES Award (Army Combat Engineer Squad Leader) presented to SSG Donald Mumm

1997 Annual Training conducted at Fort Chaffee, Arkansas 12-28 JUN 97. The battalion supported the 45th SIB (OKNG).
CDR: CPT Richard E. Mayes 1SG: Jack L. Hancock.
Company C's Individuals Honors: ACES Award (Army Combat Engineer Squad Leader) presented to SSG Jeff Ellis
489th Eng Bn Soldier of the Year: SPC Corey Deibel

1998 Annual Training conducted at Fort Hood, Texas in support of the 45th SIB (OKNG) 30 May - 11 JUN 98.
Company C's Individual Honors: 489th Eng Bn, 353d Eng Gp, 420th En Bde, 90TH RSC Soldier of the Year: SPC Jared C. Smith
Grizzly Award: 1LT Jeff Brandt


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Unit Historian SSG Donald Mumm or C/489 WEBMASTER